Georgiana Bonea

Georgiana Bonea


Georgiana Virginia is a University Lecturer Doctor in Sociology (Doctoral School of Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, University of Bucharest) and Gr. III Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Quality of Life Research, Romanian Academy.

The area of research and study includes topics such as: manifesting the aggressiveness of the individual within the family intimate; the study on the short and long term negative effects that domestic violence has on the victim; the path and influence of social policies for preventing and combating domestic violence; the evolution of the process of development of the social assistance system in Romania; family history and metamorphosis of the mentalities regarding the status-roles of men and women within the family. A recent research project is related to the topic of violence against women in Romania, which was published in the Journal of Quality of Life, no. 2/2016. He has also published titles such as: (2012). “Violence in the couple relationship: victims and aggressors. Theory and applications ”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-973-649-834-3; (2012). “Introductory theoretical aspects regarding conflict and negotiation at work”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-973-649-842-8. (2013). “Romanian legislative introductory elements regarding the family aggressor”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-973-549-900-5. (2014). “Panic attack and anxiety: affections of the individual of the contemporary world. Questions and answers”; Bucharest; Sigma Publishing House; ISBN: 978-973-649-974-6. Coordinator, (2015). “Deviance. Contemporary Visions ”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-606-727-024-2 (2016). “Violence between heterosexual couple partners. Theory of “Cyclicity of Violence”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-606-727-134-8. (2017). “Brief analysis and interpretation of the Romanian legislation for the prevention and fight against child abuse”, Bucharest, Sigma Publishing House, ISBN: 978-606-727-193-5. (2020). “Gender-based violence: essential theoretical approaches”. Bucharest: Sigma Educaţional Publishing House. ISBN: 978-606-9048-12-2.

Research interests: domestic violence; family support social policies; social assistance in Romania; victimology; the family aggressor; family evolution.


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