Since 1990, RIQL has focused on the new, post-communist model of Romanian society. The main topic was first social policy: a new vision of the state’s social functions. In the 2000’s, the focus changed to the evaluation of the results of the transition process, the understanding of the crisis that affected Romanian society and the identification of possible paths to overcome crisis.

Coordinator: Professor Cătălin Zamfir

Selected publications:

Berevoiescu, Ionica, Manuela Stănculescu and contributors, Faces of change. Romanians and the challenges of transition. București: Editura Nemira,1999.

Postolache, Tudorel, ed.A blueprint of the strategy for enabling the market economy in Romania. București: ICCV, 1990.

Stănescu, Iulian.Political power in Romania. From communism to the new capitalism. București: Editura ProUniversitaria,2014.

Zamfir,  Elena, Ilie Bădescu and Cătălin Zamfir, The outlook of Romanian society after 10 years of transition. București: Editura Expert, 2000.

Zamfir, Cătălin, ed. Romania: answers to the crisis. Bucureşti: ICCV, 2011.

Zamfir, Cătălin, Iulian Stănescu and Simona Ilie, eds. After 20 years: options for Romania.Bucureşti: ICCV, 2010.

Zamfir, Cătălin. “Exiting the transition. Towards a new theory of transition.”Inovație Socială, 1(2015): 1-13.

Zamfir, Cătălin. A critical analysis of transition. What is “next”? Iași: Editura Polirom, 2004.

Zamfir, Cătălin. What kind of transition do we want? A critical analysis of transition, part II. București: ICCV, 2012.

Zamfir, Elena, Simona Stănescu and Daniel Arpinte, eds. Social assistance in Romania after 25 years: answers to the challenges of transition. 2015, in print.

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New publication: Sebastian Fitzek (2020) “The Sacred and the political power – psychocial approaches of the collective imaginary in the collection of psycho-social sciences”. Bucharest: ProUniversitaria Publishing House.

We hereby announce the appearance in September 2020 of the volume written by Sebastian Fitzek, called "The Sacred and the political power - psychocial approaches of the collective imaginary in the collection of psycho-social sciences" of the ProUniversitaria...

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