The Standard of Living, Income and Consumption is a research program that aims at analyzing the living standard and the links between the income level and the structure / volume of consumption of goods and services of the Romanian population in an international comparative perspective.The various dimensions of living standard and the relationship between incomes and consumption are mainly explored. The program also looks at:  the structure and volume of economic and financial capital of households, the supply of goods and services to the population (including consumer protection), housing conditions, the impact of the economic and social policies on the standard of living, the effect of European policies on living standards in Romania, patterns of consumption, the dynamics of the minimum consumption basket for different categories of households, and poverty.

Data used in analyses come from national and international statistics, and from European/international surveys. The methodology and the ″minimum consumption basket″ data set include a continuous series for the period 1990─2018.

Coordinators: Dr. Mariana Stanciu and dr. Adina Mihăilescu

Selected publications:

Mariana Stanciu, ed.The ecological dimension of goods and services consumption. Academia Română, INCE, ICCV, 2008.

Mihăilescu, Adina. 2014. Minimum standard of living threshold.A tool for social policy. București: Academia Română, 2014.
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Stanciu, Mariana. Research methods of consumption models. Bucureşti: CIDE, 2006.

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