The pandemic context has created the prerequisites for the development of social media and online medium utilizations. Digital solutions were largely used in various activity domains, especially during the pandemics time. Accordingly, the perspectives of such a theme approach in academic research could be very diverse.

Therefore, The Quality of Life Review proposes a special issue for the month of December this year, launching here this academic papers call, by encouraging approaching from various domains, looking openly towards a multitude of themes, e. g.:  the topics that are debated through sm, who are the users, concepts defining, information vs. disinformation (both during pandemics and in present times which are under the sign of the war in Ukraine and of the Ukrainians refugee crisis), positive vs. negative aspects of sm in societies, how the pandemic changed the `look` of sm, content writer vs. receivers, the answer of various institutions and actors to the opportunities that this medium offers in times of specific crisis in which physical contact meant a real social and public health problem. Also, the concept of disinformation,  the potential social perils/ disturbances (`fake-news, deep-fake, etc.) that can be generated via sm, and so on. Other themes that weren’t listed here, and are corresponding to the general topic described in the call title, are also welcomed.

Researches, micro-researches, analyses, case studies, literature reviews, essays,book reviews will be all well received in this special issue. The articles dimensions should be between 2500 (bookreviews, essays, etc.) and 8000 words (articles, studies, research results, etc.), written in Romanian or in English.

Deadline: 15th September 2022. Submission: via e-mail, at or through the form that could be found on our platform at, with the mention special issue.)

The Quality of Life Review is issued four times a year, and is being indexed in several international publications data bases (Calitatea Vieții (

For additional information we could be contacted at:, and  (Mona Simu, scientific researcher, ICCV, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Horea Bădău, PhD, lector, FJSC, University of Bucharest).