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Support staff PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0210

The Research Institute for Quality of Life (Romanian Academy) invites applications for two part time positions (PS1 and PS2) as support staff within the PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0210 project, „Social changeunderthe impact of international migration: valuepatterns, civic and political participation, lifesatisfaction”. The project deals with how immigrants change value patterns, civic and political participation, and life satisfaction after they migrate and how this contributes to the changing of both host and sender society. The methodology is quantitative, using all the waves of the EVS, WVS and ESS, as well as other large-scale surveys. More details can be obtained by request, from the below contact address.


Requirements for both jobs:

  • BA in sociology, MA in sociology and enrollment as first year PhD student in sociology.
  • Excellent command of Romanian language.
  • Excellent command of English language.
  • Interest in comparative research, and good skills in quantitative data analyses.
  • Previous experience with quantitative data collecting.
  • Experience with WVS and or EVS data is not required but could provide an advantage.



The project is structured in 7 working packages, with the following estimated workload, in person‑months for the PS1 and PS2 positions:

Working packages

Estimated workload
(in person-months)




Literature review




Setting up the conceptual framework




Data Collecting WVS 2010-2012




Setting up the comparative database of aggregate indicators




Data analysis








Conferences and seminars







More concretely,

  • both PS1 and PS2 will be implied in bibliographic research
  • both PS1 and PS2 will assist the team in developing the conceptual framework of the project
  • both PS1 and PS2 will assist the team in data collecting activities, particularly during the process of translating and back-translating the questionnaire and keeping contact with the data collecting agency, and the agency that will perform the control of the data collecting.
  • both PS1 and PS2, but mostly PS2 will contribute to setting up the dataset of macrosocial indicators, as planned within the project;
  • both PS1 and PS2 will assist the team in data analysis (regression models, cluster analysis, multilevel analysis, longitudinal analysis, SEM, cross-classified models will be among the employed techniques).
  • both PS1 and PS2 will assist the team in dissemination activities (conferences, publishing and popularization activities, including webdesign). However, PS1 will have a higher load in this respect.



The successful candidates will start their work immediately. The project is scheduled to end in September 2014. Duration of the implication of PS1 and PS2 will depend on their performance.



Both positions will be paid depending on the effective work that will be performed. The maximal monthly gross wage is 3000 lei, but the respective sum should be regarded as indicative (it depends on activity within the team; this means that it might be lower and it is not necessary monthly paid, since the workload include maximum 27 person-months spread over 3 years).



  • The candidates should provide:
    • A full CV, including the publication list;
    • A recommendation letter (scanned);
    • Candidates may provide:
      • Electronic copies of their publications, including theses;
      • A short motivation letter, insisting on why they qualify for the job.


Selection procedure:

  • The application should be send by e-mail to bogdan [at] iccv [dot] ro, no later than 26.10.2011, 15:00.
  • Only selected candidates will be invited for an interview.


Contact address:

Application and questions should be addressed to Bogdan Voicu :bogdan [at] iccv [dot] ro.

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